Abruzzo and Rome

Just a quick update . . .

This weekend we went to Rome and got to see so many things – the Colosseum, the Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica

Soy gelato made my day!

Soy gelato made my day!

, Piazza Navona and silly street performers, and some good food.  We also saw hordes of the most ridiculous tourists I have every seen.  I couldn’t believe how many people were touching and climbing on the priceless statues in the Vatican museums, and just  how much people didn’t care about the rules against photos and talking in the Sistine Chapel.  Overall the city was beautiful, quiet, and full of things to do, and we had a great time.

Last weekend we stayed with Antonello, his family, volunteers, and the other visitor’s at his farm in the Abruzzo region.  The area was beautiful and we got to hike to a great waterfall in the mountains, undisturbed by anyone else.  But maybe better than the natural beauty around us was the hospitality of the volunteers and family at the farm.  Every night we had a delicious meal (they had no problems with vegans, yay!) of fresh food straight from the farm with the owner’s family and the other visitors.  Antonello’s father brought many bottles of his homemade wine during our wonderful after dinner conversations with the other guests.  Everyone was so friendly, and it was interesting to hear about everyone else’s travels around Europe.


July 28, 2009. Italy.

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