Studying, studying

Somehow the fall has flown by and the dreaded physics GRE is next Saturday!!  I’ve been studying to some extent since about September, but this weekend kicked off what should turn out to be a week of intense studying.  I think I made good progress this weekend – I condensed all of the really important things into 7 review sheets, which I have hung up around my desk in a desperate attempt at learning by osmosis.



My desk at T-6 days til the physics GRE.



I also took my first full length, one sitting (for 3 hours!) practice test today.  I’ve improved, but still not as much as I would like.

I took a break on Saturday to learn how to make Inarizushi from my friend Althea, who spent the past school year in Japan.  They are fried tofu pockets stuffed with sushi rice, sesame, and shredded carrot.  They were really easy to make and so good!  A perfect lunch with some broccoli on the side.



November 2, 2009. Physics, Vegan.

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  1. Kyle Olivo replied:

    Looks delicious! We’ll have to make them sometime. Way to go with the blogging discipline too!

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