Yay grad school!

I few weeks ago I found out that I got into Rutgers for grad school. Since it was sort of last minute, I had a very quick drop everything and go trip up there, really enjoyed meeting the faculty and students in the department, and accepted the next day. I’m pretty excited about starting in the fall, and looking for apartments, finding a vegetarian co-op in the area etc. has been a fun distraction from my end of semester work.

Research has been quite slow this semester, since the vacuum system that we needed to move forward had a big leak. After taking the whole thing apart twice, and doing everything we could to find the leak, we finally gave up and used an older, smaller chamber. That meant ordering some more parts, and re-doing our sample chamber to make everything fit on the new set up. So, I didn’t get any data, but I learned alot about vacuum systems!

The vacuum chamber is finally ready to go.

I think the highlight of my semester was my Computer Simulations class. It was (pretty much) my first time programming, and it went alot better than I expected! I was even able to do a pretty neat final project on acoustics. Even though I didn’t get the final results I wanted, I’m pretty happy that I could simulate the propagation of sound throughout a room (even if the boundary conditions did trip me up a bit).

A radial pressure wave propagating outward from the center of a room.


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