Doing More for the Environment

Kyle recently found this blog, which is all about a woman who is trying to eliminate/drastically reduce her use of plastic.  I think her goal is very admirable, and alot of the ways she is reducing her plastic use seem like really practical, easy steps that can help the environment.  Some things I’ve already been doing – like making lots of cloth grocery bags for my family, using re-usable mugs for coffee, tupperware for take-out at school, saving glass jars for leftovers, and re-using the little plastic produce bags from the grocery store (my Mom’s idea actually).  Of course, I also always use my Nalgene rather than buying water bottles, which interestingly has been the subject of conversation her in Italy.  My fellow American REU student and I are the only ones at the university who seem to bring our own water bottles every day, while the Italians always buy a plastic bottle of water.  A co-worker commented on this and said that he thinks that more people should bring water bottles since he sees just how much waste is created each day from buying all of the plastic ones.

I think there are some more things I could be doing though, like trying baking soda deodorant and no ‘poo.  I’m a little nervous about it, but I think it’s something I’d like to at least try for a while.  I’ve heard read about many people who say it works great, so I think I’ll see how it works.  I’ve also really fallen off the wagon lately with writing to my representatives and companies about environmental, social, and animal rights issues, and the post on the Life Less Plastic blog about writing to grocery stores asking for bulk bins reminded me that I should start writing letters again – about bulk bins and other things!

Anyway, here is the list of things Life Less Plastic has been doing to cut down on her consumption.  I’ll post updates on things I’ve tried and how they work out, and if any of my readers try to cut down on their consumption post a comment about how its working out for you!

Edit:  I was just thinking about how I’d like to replace my old toothbrush with a recycled Preserve toothbrush, and came upon this – apparently the company will recycle all of those plastic containers you can’t normally recycle at home (yogurt and humms containers . . .) because they make their toothbrushes out of them.  Neat!


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